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2 Unlimited Return After 13 Years

5 May

2 Unlimited Before

I’m a child of the 80s and I grew up listening to some really interesting stuff through the 90s.

A few days ago I took a ride down memory lane and thanks to YouTube I dug up some old videos of my favorite artists. It’s amazing how my taste in music has changed through the years, going from Eurodance and techno music to RnB and pop.

One of the groups that I used to listen to a lot was 2 Unlimited, a Dutch duo with hits like “Get Ready For This”, “Twilight Zone” and “No Limit”. 2 Unlimited started in 1991 with rapper Ray Slijngaard and singer Anita Doth and they released music till the late 90s.

2 Unlimited After

Back in the late 90s there were a lot of rumors going on that Anita was killed in a car accident and it didn’t help when the band stopped producing music right after that news. So, imagine my surprise when I found out that she’s still alive and even more interestingly they band have released a new single in January 2010 called “In Da Name Of Love”, under the name Ray and Anita.

Besides the obvious signs of aging on the group members, both 38 years old now, they have pretty much preserved and updated their sound just enough to be able to compete with more recent groups producing music in the same genre.

I watched a few of their live performances in Belgium and I have a feeling even they think they are too old for this business or at least to perform live events, either way I’m glad they are back with their new single.

Below is their video from their 2 Unlimited days “No One” and 2nd is Ray and Anita with “In Da Name Of Love”. Enjoy!


Vote for Andrew Garcia!!

24 Feb

I’m not a big, huge fan of American Idol (uhummm…I live in Canada! haha) but I try to catch the auditions because they never fail to deliver a crazy, delusional, humiliating audition by some unfortunate person. Yes, I’m mean but we all watch the audition part because of those bad singers.

This time around I totally fell in love with a 24-year-old dad Andrew Garcia and his voice. Here’s a young brilliant musician who’s only trying to make the best out of his talent and give his family a better surviving chance.

I ended up cheering for him after hearing his rendition of Paula Abdul song, Straight up. I did a little research on YouTube and found so many videos of Andrew and his friends singing, playing music and the more I watched those videos more I think this guy got a chance at winning the AI title.

So Vote for him! Let him try his best to be a talented artist.

Watch the video of Straight up from AI here and check out The Adrian William Project where he was a former member. Enjoy!!