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Hand in Hand for Haiti – Help Us Build a School (via Life by SaJe)

10 Aug

Hand in Hand for Haiti - Help Us Build a School After the devastating earthquake in Haiti there was a desperate need for funds to not only help rescue the survivors but also help rebuild the country. Those needs are still there and Haiti needs global support to rebuild its long-term sustainable infrastructures, one of which is educational facilities. Hand in hand for Haiti is US based non-profit organization built to raise funds, find a building sites and construct earthquake and hurricane pro … Read More

via Life by SaJe

J. Mendel designs for Dr. Lisa Airan

1 Jul

I love this one of a kind J. Mendel dress designed for celebrity dermatologist Dr. Lisa Airan at this year’s The Met Costume Institute Gala.

It’s so beautiful, I just want to try it on once and see if I can handle that much puff!!! haha

This is what they said about the dress on Mendel’s Facebook page:

“Mr. Mendel’s best friend, Dr. Lisa Airan, wore a Couture Taupe Gazaar and Black Tulle Layered Gown with Structured Bodice and Diamante Sculpted Mesh Embroidered Shoulder. Initially moved by his collaboration with the New York City Ballet, Mendel created this one of-a-kind gown that was inspired by classic couture and given a twist for the modern, American woman.”

Adam lambert – If I Had You

27 Jun

I’m not a big Lambert fan but this song is catchy and every time I hear it on the radio I start singing along with it. The video is a bit strange but I think it goes with his whole image. Enjoy

Robin Thicke – It’s In The Morning ft. Snoop Dogg

31 May

What happens when Snoop and Robin Thicke make a music video together, cheese factor of Robin and sketchiness of Snoop, my head is spinning! hahaha

Not the best song/video but it was fun watching Robin Thicke being “smooth.”

Enjoy the video!

Grey’s Anatomy Finale Freakout!

20 May

OMG, I just finished watching the 2 hour season finale of Grey’s Anatomy and I’m still shaking from all the action, drama and losses. I don’t want to give anything away now, just in case of someone out gotten a chance to see it but I’ll write a longer post about.

I just wanted to say IM FREAKING OUT!!!!! hahaha This episode was so intense that I cried, screamed, freaked out and almost changed the channel because I couldn’t handle all the stuff that was going on. That’s good TV for ya. I hate them jerks for toying with ym emotions like that but I recommend watching this episode and try watching it with someone since you might need some emotional support. lol