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8 Jan

Snow flake

I took this picture at 3am on my balcony. I had to suffer through -20 degree weather and wind to get a good shot, but it was all worth it. Happy winter 2010!

Vancouver Olympics 2010

16 Dec

Vancouver Olympics 2010

The Vancouver Olympics torch is coming through the city of Toronto (Yorkmills and Bayview Ave. at 2.40pm)  and I’m planning to be there and be part of the hopefully exciting event….I figured it’s close enough for me to go drop by and snap a few pictures of the torch and let the spirit of the Olympics take over me..hahaha

So stay tuned for the pictures!!!!!

Where would you go?

8 Dec

I’m thinking about writing an article about peoples travel choices. How and why we make the choices we make. Take a minute to answer my poll about this topic by clicking the link below!


I f you had $3000 of vacation funds, where would you want to go?

Choosing a good nights sleep over sex??

8 Dec

According to the new sleep study the Westin hotel chains conducted, people choose to have a good nights sleep than having sex, except in Canada!!

The survey showed out of 10 countries, nine choose to sleep than have hot passionate sex. Funny part about the results are that most of the people who chose to sleep are men and not women. I can see this happening, the guys think they’re on vacation so they get to sleep a lot and bum around and the women think oh we are on vacation, a new place to have sex and spice up the relationship.

Another funny result was about how Canadians are the only people from the survey that still prefer a night of seductive love-making over sleep! That just warms my heart and makes me happy. imagine we’re living in one of the coldest countries and we’re still warm at heart and all gung-ho about jumping in the sack for some loving.

if you like to read the survey results click here!

Check out my new eShop tab!!

30 Nov

Thanks to Amazon.ca, TdotPoints has a working eShop now. Check out my eShop and search for your favorite music, book, electronics and more. Don’t forget to check out my picks as they grow on weekly basis!

TdotPoints eShop