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Black boots make me happy….

22 Dec

I don’t know what it is about a nice pair of black boots that just makes my mouth water. Doesn’t matter if its leather or suede I love them all. This year I’m in search for a knee length pair of boots to replace my beloved, suede ones. I wear those babies everyday of the winter and I finally wore out the heels and had to replace them.


My criteria:

– Knee length: I don’t like super long ones since they mess with my body proportions, and I already have a pair of fabulous ankle boots that can carry me over at least for another yr.

– Must be leather or suede: I don’t do fake stuff. I find it wont last as long. The better the fabric and maintenance the longer you can enjoy your boots!

– Details: I don’t mind shoes/boots with some detail or buckle, strap on them. But it has to be delicate looking, nothing worse than a chunky pair of boots, unless you are in the army or work in construction sights.

– Price: this is a bit tricky, I love a good brand name but the price tag sometimes hurts my already empty pockets. So lets say up to $300.

– Got to be flat or very tiny little heel so I walk with them for long periods of time and be comfortable at work.

– Full zipper: I have major problems with boots that don’t have a full zipper. I current boots don’t have them but they were the only pair of boots I ever tried that I could manage and I can fit my jeans in them.

– Versatile: I have to be able to wear them with my jeans tucked in, leggings, dresses and skirts (very important)

So I went high and low, different stores and I found a few nice options. Not all of the boots I found were in my price range but some are worth sharing.

All these boots are amazing, over priced and not exactly what I’m looking for. I want them ALL! lol

I love the brown Golden Goose boots, I never heard of this brand and I found out the hand make all their boots and that’s why they’re so expensive. Love it, even more exclusive and unique!

The DvF boots on the other hand is more realistic to my criteria list, except the price is a bit too high and it might not go with all my dresses and skirts. But as casual wear, its a winner.

But, I’m on a budget and I still have to look at few more places before I can open my wallet and spend my hard earned money. When I finally find my new boots Ill post a picture of them …..

Till I find my boots though I’m going to look through my new shoe inspiration book, “Shoe Gallery Calendar 2010“, lots of pretty shoes, sigh….

Car maintenance: women be aware!!

13 Dec

I recently was a victim of a gender discrimination crime. That’s right, gender discrimination I say. I honest to god believe that most women, at least %80, do not know a thing about car repair or how to keep up a car, and they get taken advantage of by mechanics all over the world! I’m talking beyond oil changes and putting gas in the car, more like when it’s time to buy new tires, or the difference between a good thump and bad thump noise.

My parents believed in taking their car to get regular maintenance by an official dealership service center. I watched my dad take our cars in every once in a while for checkups, oil change, batteries and etc. So, when I grew up and got a car I followed the same school of thought, yes it costs more than your average joe car shop but at least I know they’re not using crap pieces on my car.

This is how I became a victim………I love my car, a beautiful Volkswagen, 6 years old and only 64000 on it, that is apparently good. Back in May I called my service center to see if my car was up for any checkups,  “don’t worry, you haven’t put on too many kilometers since your last checkup, bring it in before winter.”, said the woman over the phone.(traitor!!! hahaha) Being a clueless person about cars I went “Super, so call you in November!”.

Well, November turned in to mid December and I felt the need to make that appointment the day before the first winter storm. I made the call and the woman said “bring it in, you’re up for a type 1 maintenance and its $150”, so I did. I went in and a different person told me “oh, your last major checkup was in 2006, you need a type 4 now.”

me: how much is that?

the guy: $500, but with that, we check everything in your car.

me: wow, expensive! Ummm, ok I guess I should do it to make sure my car is in working condition for the winter.

the guy: yes ma’am, so we be done with it in 2 hours or so.

2.5 hours later, I’m chatting away on my phone trying to work on my laptop when the same guy walks up to me with a concerned look.

me: its done??

the guy: I need to talk to you about somethings.

He pulls out a report filled with all these things I need to change on my car, NOW! Brakes (all 4 of them), battery, 2 tires, some light somewhere, something about exhaust pipe. The list goes on and on….

me: how much is all this gonna cost me????

the guy: well, $2200, but you still have to pay the $500, plus tax.

me: *cough* but, I don’t get it. I have to do this all now? I can’t, it’s A LOT of money! (remember I’m a student, I barely make any money at my full-time job)

the guy: I made a list, only do important stuff..brakes, battery and….

I tuned him out…..

So, I made a deal with the guy to only do only urgent/important stuff and only up to $1000, that’s including tax and the $500 fee.

Then he went off to do the changes, meantime after about 20 mins, I realized something, if I had brought my car in for a checkup in May like I thought I should I wouldn’t have been blind sided like this now. So, I went and talked to the service center manager and told him what happened and how because of their staff’s bad advice now I have all these things I need to do right before winter. I did not doubt the need to change the items on the list, normal wear and tear of a car. Following their staff’s bad advice put me in a bad situation and a grumpy mood.

So I manged to get some discount for the work I was getting done that day and when I take my car back in for the rest of the stuff I would get a discount then. So YAY!!!!!

Now, things I learned from my 4.5 hour stay at the waiting room of VW service center:

– Make note of the times you take your car in for checkups and maintenance

– keep all your paper works, you can’t always rely on people’s knowledge of your car’s history

– when in doubt, ask questions

– shop for different prices, if you don’t mind going to a normal mechanic, it’s worth the time to look around

– ask friends to help out, I called my guy friends who know stuff about cars to get their opinion about my situation, some referred me to their personal mechanic!

So don’t feel the pressure that you need to do everything they tell you right away, take a day sleep on it and make your decision!

I still have 6 more items to cross of my list, I’m gonna start with buying 2 new tires and then changing another set of brakes…..sigh…money outta my pocket!

Choosing a good nights sleep over sex??

8 Dec

According to the new sleep study the Westin hotel chains conducted, people choose to have a good nights sleep than having sex, except in Canada!!

The survey showed out of 10 countries, nine choose to sleep than have hot passionate sex. Funny part about the results are that most of the people who chose to sleep are men and not women. I can see this happening, the guys think they’re on vacation so they get to sleep a lot and bum around and the women think oh we are on vacation, a new place to have sex and spice up the relationship.

Another funny result was about how Canadians are the only people from the survey that still prefer a night of seductive love-making over sleep! That just warms my heart and makes me happy. imagine we’re living in one of the coldest countries and we’re still warm at heart and all gung-ho about jumping in the sack for some loving.

if you like to read the survey results click here!


26 Nov


Today I walked into cashmere heaven… Canada are you ready….Banana Republic is having a cashmere sale.

Beautiful vee neck sweaters for both men and women only for $98 and infinity scarves for $48. How awesome is that? I got myself a nice lavender sweater and a pretty pink scarf! Merry Christmas to me!!!!

I love these types of promos. Limited time, limited quantities and crazy shoppers. Awesome mixture!

One thing I do enjoy about the holiday shopping season is the great deals retail companies have. Well, not all of them but most retailers go all out to bring in every passerby inside their store. Specially this year everyone is on over drive. So, don’t forget my discount hunting friends, sign up for your favorite brands e-letters. You wont regret it. If you are one of those people who hates getting spam mail in to your inbox do what I do, open a shopping email account. Every time you want to sign up for a e-letter just use that email and save yourself from having to press the delete button 30 times an hour and still get all those amazing deals!

So, happy hunting….

I call it the money pit!!!

18 Nov

My best friend is getting married and Im her maid of honor and just by tagging along with her for the past few months I’ve realized how big of a money pit/ bottomless pit planning a wedding. First is the engagement ceremony, then we have the showers, the parties and the wedding it self. All these parties cost ridiculous amounts of money. I totally feel bad for anyone who is planning a wedding. Everything you want to the smallest things you can think of is an extra cost!

We decided to cut some cost by making our own money-box. We managed to save some money with that idea about $30 which is not bad. But even buying a flat plain box costs us $20 which we later realized we could have got the same thing two doors down for $5 less. haha

Another thing that annoys me is the guest’s gifts idea . basically we’re telling people please come to our party that we spent thousands of dollars on and we even going to give you gifts. I understand it’s something nice to do in return for all the gifts you get but at the same time I feel bad when newly weds go in debt because of their weddings.

Some people even put themselves in a bigger hole by having multiple weddings, it’s absolutely alright to do that since most people nowadays are from different places and they end up having a wedding in their country of residence, another at the groom’s home country and one for the bride’s family. BIG money people…BIG MONEY! But I’m a big fan of destination weddings, my sister got married in 3 different countries, my friend is marrying in 3 countries too.

I guess by the time all these weddings are over, all they have to look forward to is their honeymoon which they can’t take right away since they spent all their money on their wedding(s). hahaha, its somewhat sad since honeymoons used to be such a big deal and actually a month-long, now if you get a week off you’re lucky!