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28 Nov

People, tdotpoints is live, thanks to the black Friday special. I purchased my first domain name ever for under $12USD!!! How exciting is that. Now after about 4 hours of playing around with my new email accounts, (yes, I have my own @tdotpoints.com email accounts now, YAY for Google!) I thought I should share this Exciting news with you all!!!! hahaha

I’m the biggest dork out there, I know! lol… But things like this amuse me for hours. I have decided to spend more time on my blog to make it more interesting to all those web surfers and bring some traffic to it. I’ve been to lazy and to be honest, I need something new to do. I’m too damn bored doing my own job that pays me well! lol….how sad is that!

So for all you professional bloggers, give me some ideas about how to make my blog more appealing to the masses and even maybe some fun widgets to bring some life to the screen?

I’m still trying to figure worldpress out, so far i haven’t managed to figure out how to put an email link on my posts. That’s next on my list of things to learn, oh, and coming up with a nice signature thingy to put under my posts. I’ve seen a few blogs who have them, looks pretty neat!

But till i find one this is all you get

Tdot Girl

Yay for newly found beauty products…..

1 Nov

I have super sensitive skin that gives me grief and trouble pretty much on daily basis. Few years back I manage to find a product (Lancome tinted moisturizer) – that doesn’t make me get irritation or pimples. I was super EXCITED about this. A tinted moisturizer, I was finally free of nasty foundation that left my skin feeling all gross and nasty!!! But unfortunately after all this time my local go to beauty store has discontinued selling this product, leaving me all depressed and upset.

I wasn’t sure about where I was gonna start my search for a new foundation/tinted moisturizer. It’s such a long tedious process, it’s almost like trying to find the perfect pair of JEANS!!!! (Yay for BLANK JEANS,  since my search for at least jean pants are over!) Going back to foundations and such, I ended up going and trying out different brands and I think I finally found the perfect product. Its creamy but light, it applies well but it’s not too thick, it covers but still looks super natural. Ladies meet “Some kind-a Gorgeous” by Benefit Cosmetics. For just $28 you can have the most amazing version of your face. I love this thing, it comes in a little case with a mirror and a pad to apply it with. It’s so clean easy and fast.

Some Kind-a Gorgeous

The BEST foundation EVER!!!!

I’ve been using the some kind-a gorgeous for the last month and I haven’t had any issues with it. My skin hasn’t had any bad reactions to it, so I’m very happy about that. I actually started using some other products from Benefit and I found them pretty good as well. I recommend Lemon Aid, color correcting eyelid primer and Boi-ing, concealer. I’m gonna start trying other stuff soon, I saw this thing called “That Gal“, its a brightening face primer. It had a pinky creamy texture when I was playing around with it at the store but it looked interesting to investigate!

Yay for the 7 visitors….

21 Oct

Just dropping a quick line to celebrate my first 7 visitors since I moved from blogger to wordpress. I have it all because of my Lady bug story! haha how funny is that! 🙂
I’m planning some fun ideas for my blog and hopefully that would bring more traffic to my lonely Canadian blog… *Google search, I’m talking to you!!!