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Hand in Hand for Haiti – Help Us Build a School (via Life by SaJe)

10 Aug

Hand in Hand for Haiti - Help Us Build a School After the devastating earthquake in Haiti there was a desperate need for funds to not only help rescue the survivors but also help rebuild the country. Those needs are still there and Haiti needs global support to rebuild its long-term sustainable infrastructures, one of which is educational facilities. Hand in hand for Haiti is US based non-profit organization built to raise funds, find a building sites and construct earthquake and hurricane pro … Read More

via Life by SaJe

Im finally a Kiva lender!!!

28 Nov

So a while back I shared some information about Kiva.org and how it works. I love the idea so much I actually found someone I want to loan my $25 to!

My entrepreneur’s name is Jaime Emelia, a farmer from the Philippines. He does rice farming and he raises pigs on the side for extra income. The total loan amount is only $275!!! How little is that. So far a few people have helped him and raised $120, but there’s only 30 days left and $150 to fund. Go check it out, sign up and lend your $25! Support my farmer friend so he can buy the supplies he needs to provide for his family!

Here’s my Kiva profile page, check it out! Tdotgirl on Kiva.

Happy Kiva time!!!!

Tdot Girl