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Discovering Polyvore.com

5 Jan

I fell in love with the Polyvore website, it’s everything a girl could ask for. Polyvore is an online resource for someone who wants to window shop, play dress up or just spend a few hours looking through creative assortments of pictures.

With the help of one of their browser plug-in, you can add almost any item from any online store to its massive library and use those pieces to put together an outfit or a piece of art.


How to rock a hoodie according to "vale<3"

When each of these creations are done, they look like the above picture. But Polyvore offers a great tool to its users beside letting them play stylist online, each piece of the above picture has a link attached to it and by a simple click of the mouse you are off to the specific website for each item, taking the guess-work and the hassle of browsing through pages and pages of different website to a thing of the past. Unfortunately WordPress doesn’t let me add the proper code to the picture so, I can’t properly demonstrate this amazing tool. (Grrr…..)

I’ll be honest it took me awhile to learn how to make one of these pictures together since the picture library is very extensive (no worries you can search through products by category or designer) but the result made me very proud of my skills as a stylist! haha

I picked the picture from “vale<3” because I could see myself wearing that outfit. This is a simple example of what Polyvore users can put together. So go and see what you can create!

Happy styling!!!!!!

Where would you go?

8 Dec

I’m thinking about writing an article about peoples travel choices. How and why we make the choices we make. Take a minute to answer my poll about this topic by clicking the link below!


I f you had $3000 of vacation funds, where would you want to go?

Choosing a good nights sleep over sex??

8 Dec

According to the new sleep study the Westin hotel chains conducted, people choose to have a good nights sleep than having sex, except in Canada!!

The survey showed out of 10 countries, nine choose to sleep than have hot passionate sex. Funny part about the results are that most of the people who chose to sleep are men and not women. I can see this happening, the guys think they’re on vacation so they get to sleep a lot and bum around and the women think oh we are on vacation, a new place to have sex and spice up the relationship.

Another funny result was about how Canadians are the only people from the survey that still prefer a night of seductive love-making over sleep! That just warms my heart and makes me happy. imagine we’re living in one of the coldest countries and we’re still warm at heart and all gung-ho about jumping in the sack for some loving.

if you like to read the survey results click here!


28 Nov

People, tdotpoints is live, thanks to the black Friday special. I purchased my first domain name ever for under $12USD!!! How exciting is that. Now after about 4 hours of playing around with my new email accounts, (yes, I have my own @tdotpoints.com email accounts now, YAY for Google!) I thought I should share this Exciting news with you all!!!! hahaha

I’m the biggest dork out there, I know! lol… But things like this amuse me for hours. I have decided to spend more time on my blog to make it more interesting to all those web surfers and bring some traffic to it. I’ve been to lazy and to be honest, I need something new to do. I’m too damn bored doing my own job that pays me well! lol….how sad is that!

So for all you professional bloggers, give me some ideas about how to make my blog more appealing to the masses and even maybe some fun widgets to bring some life to the screen?

I’m still trying to figure worldpress out, so far i haven’t managed to figure out how to put an email link on my posts. That’s next on my list of things to learn, oh, and coming up with a nice signature thingy to put under my posts. I’ve seen a few blogs who have them, looks pretty neat!

But till i find one this is all you get

Tdot Girl

Ramen…Comfort food, Japanese Style!!

4 Nov

Picture this, It’s -25 degrees outside, it’s been snowing all day and your feet are killing you from being in your shoes all day. It’s late at night and you’re just getting comfortable in your coach waiting for your favorite TV show to start. All is missing is your comfort food, a slice of pizza or a cup of hot coco and a big cookie.

Those all sound alright, comforting, warm and familiar but a bit boring. How about breaking that comfort shell a little and trying something new, how about a bowl of Japanese Ramen.

You don’t need to have a degree to figure out what’s in this bowl, soup, noodle, some sort of meat and veggies. There are different variations of this dish, but they all have the same basic ingredients. Some Ramen variations depending on who’s making it are more bland (Japanese version) and some of them got some kick to them (Korean version). It’s interesting how people can get turned off so easily by this dish even though they would probably devour each individual ingredient in under a minute. What is it about a foreign food that makes us go, no thank you.

Beef Ramen

Japanese beef ramen

There are a lot of misconceptions about ethnic foods. Take Japanese food, they have a lot of raw fish in their cuisines. Don’t be fooled by this common misconception, just because one of their food has it doesn’t mean they all have raw fish in them. Let’s be logical, soup is warm so it’s cooked. Noodles are soft and “slurpy”, cooked. Beef is and lightly fried, COOKED. There’s so much more to the Japanese cuisine than your typical white washed California sushi rolls. Now everybody loves California rolls and can pop 6 of those bad boys in 2 seconds, but back in the day when the rolls came to the western world not too many people would venture out of their comfort zone to give them a try.

So be brave and give Ramen a chance, whats the worse that can happen beside gaining two important lessons. Realizing you can add another food to your list of foods you like and knowing that the Japanese are not just about raw fish!