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Save yourselves, lady bugs are coming!!!!

20 Oct
Lady bug on window

Lady bug on window

So….today was super warm in Toronto (16 degrees). We all know, when its warm lady bugs come out to play….

eeeiiiiishhhh…. I really hate lady bugs, they were crawling all over my windows and outside walls. I had to run aroudn make sure all the windows are tightly closed and doors are closed…ugh….they might be cute but they are scared of NOTHING..and when you step on them they make the crunchiest noise everrr……ewww…

My mom says they are good for the envirnoment and eat all the bad bugs, but I think they’re just there to be in cute kids stories as a single woman type who knits alot! lol…

Too bad I didn’t have my good camera around to take a better picture so you guys are stuck with the crappy picture for now! 🙂

To add or not to add

28 Aug

Recently I was faced with a dilemma, should I add my parents to my facebook friends list or not. Don’t get me wrong but I consider facebook a tool to store my travel pictures, blurt out a line on my status and see what my friends are up to.
I don’t really feel comfortable adding my parents to my list. This is not because I’m up to no good or I have something to hide, I just feel that it’s sad that now a days in order to keep in touch with our own parents we need facebook!
What would you guys do? Would you add your parents to your facebook? Do you expect your children to add you to their friends lists?

The first one is always the hardest…

22 Aug

I’ve been thinking about writing a blog for a very long time but somehow I never get around to actually start one. I always say to myself “what am I going to write about?” or “who’s goign to want to read what I’m writing.”
There are other reasons for my procrastination too. We’re talking about your usual laziness, ESL issues (yes, English is not my mother tongue, so get ready for some typos and bad grammar!), and again what the HELL am I gonna write about???

Then it came to me…I can just write about whatever…could be something I saw on tv or read on the newspaper to people who piss me off at work! 🙂 yes I have an evil side and I like to nurture it!!!! haha

I thought for the first post Ill give you guys a little background on myself. Im a 27 yr old girl..woman….female! (confused about how to categorize myself!lol) I still go to university and I can say I’m the most unmotivated student I know. I dislike what I study and I wish I didn’t go to the university I go to (it’s one of the best universities at least in north America!). I work for a big international clothing company, who shall remain nameless, even though I believe my “job” sucks the life out of me and killed any sorts of creativity I had it still pays for my bills and my shopaholic lifestyle and my travels. But lets just say I work in a field that has no future in it….we’ll get back to this later though, but for short lets just say I’m just confused about what I want to do and where I want to go with my life. Hence the blog! 🙂

Anyways, I think for the first post this is pretty good, Im gonna try to keep everything short and sweet. Plus I still like to get a hang of this whole blog world then we can have more writing! 🙂
Meantime I like to have some ideas about what I should blog about. Let me know! haha…Im always open to new ideas and creative ways to make my blog more popular or people friendly!

thanks and ttyl!