A Torontonian, student, hard worker and filled with ideas and opinions.  I’m 28, I’m an art history and I have a job that fills me with hate of not all humans but just stupid and self centered ones.

I’m on a quest to find my dream job , but that I don’t like what I study anymore. I enjoy taking pictures and traveling a lot to the point that I run out of money. Yes, might be funny but it’s very irresponsible since I like so many other students and non-students have bills to pay!

I thought maybe by starting this blog someone would take pity on me and send me to take pictures all over the world! lol…Seems silly probably but who knows. I’m creative enough for someone to hire me!!! hahahah

Moving on, stop by here once in a while and check out my pictures and posts about random stuff around my city or my thoughts about random things I read.


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