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I’m Still Here….

25 Jul

This is why I haven’t been posting any entries for the past month, at least not proper ones. I’ve been sitting around for weeks doing absolutely nothing except soaking up the beautiful warm sun and cooling off in turquoise water and playing in soft sand.

I was away celebrating my best friend’s wedding in Nikiti, Greece. Now that I’m back, rested and ready for the real world again (righttt…) I promise I’ll be on top of my posts.

So stay tunes in!


Well Tdot Loves you too!

3 Feb

Dear fan of Tdot Points,

Thanks for following my blog and checking back to read up the new posts. Thanks for your lovely feedbacks, and for your laughing on the floor.

I just got a message from a reader telling me they read all of my posts and it made me all giddy. So thank you and I appreciate the reading and the messaging..