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Life Lessons From DVF

6 Jun

Here are 10 rules to live by according to Diane von Furstenberg.

1. Trust yourself. To be attractive you need to have confidence and confidence comes from knowing who you are and what you believe in.

2. Accept the passage of time. The older you get the easier it becomes to see the deeper meaning and beauty of growing old.

3. Document your days. Take pictures, write journals, anything to keep a record of your life.

4. Your suitcase symbolizes your life. Know a woman by the way she packs, if she knows how to pack, she knows how to live a simple life.

5. Fashionable friends. Choose clothes that make you happy, so every time you open your closet you see something special.

6. Dress your personality. “Authenticity is key”. Don’t dress to be someone else, dress for your personality.

7. Use your feminine power. Being  born a woman gives us extra privileges and powers. Use it wisely and respectfully.

8. Your handbag is your guide. Organize your purse before you head out. It makes life easier when you have everything you need sorted out.

9. Indulge yourself. Have a spa day and treat yourself to a massage once in a while.

10. Lead a balanced life. Experience life, travel, learn and work. Be active and eat healthy.

Black boots make me happy….

22 Dec

I don’t know what it is about a nice pair of black boots that just makes my mouth water. Doesn’t matter if its leather or suede I love them all. This year I’m in search for a knee length pair of boots to replace my beloved, suede ones. I wear those babies everyday of the winter and I finally wore out the heels and had to replace them.


My criteria:

– Knee length: I don’t like super long ones since they mess with my body proportions, and I already have a pair of fabulous ankle boots that can carry me over at least for another yr.

– Must be leather or suede: I don’t do fake stuff. I find it wont last as long. The better the fabric and maintenance the longer you can enjoy your boots!

– Details: I don’t mind shoes/boots with some detail or buckle, strap on them. But it has to be delicate looking, nothing worse than a chunky pair of boots, unless you are in the army or work in construction sights.

– Price: this is a bit tricky, I love a good brand name but the price tag sometimes hurts my already empty pockets. So lets say up to $300.

– Got to be flat or very tiny little heel so I walk with them for long periods of time and be comfortable at work.

– Full zipper: I have major problems with boots that don’t have a full zipper. I current boots don’t have them but they were the only pair of boots I ever tried that I could manage and I can fit my jeans in them.

– Versatile: I have to be able to wear them with my jeans tucked in, leggings, dresses and skirts (very important)

So I went high and low, different stores and I found a few nice options. Not all of the boots I found were in my price range but some are worth sharing.

All these boots are amazing, over priced and not exactly what I’m looking for. I want them ALL! lol

I love the brown Golden Goose boots, I never heard of this brand and I found out the hand make all their boots and that’s why they’re so expensive. Love it, even more exclusive and unique!

The DvF boots on the other hand is more realistic to my criteria list, except the price is a bit too high and it might not go with all my dresses and skirts. But as casual wear, its a winner.

But, I’m on a budget and I still have to look at few more places before I can open my wallet and spend my hard earned money. When I finally find my new boots Ill post a picture of them …..

Till I find my boots though I’m going to look through my new shoe inspiration book, “Shoe Gallery Calendar 2010“, lots of pretty shoes, sigh….