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La Bruschetta

1 Feb

Mouth watering home-made bruschetta

I recently went a little family owned Italian restaurant on St Clair west, just west of Dufferin street, I totally fell in love with the charm and amazing staff and of course the food. I went to taste their set menu for the winterlicious and thought it was worth the $15 spent.

One of the perks for this place is their complimentary plate of bruschetta and hot peppers in olive oil, AMAZING!!!! The staff are very nice and the place have been around for almost 20 years and they are very well-informed about their food and how it’s made, I hate it when you ask the waiter about how something is cooked and all you hear is “uhhhh, uhhhh, I’m not sure…”.

Piantoni Family

Piantoni Family

Since they are a family run business make sure you check out their work hours before you head over for your Italian feast and make sure you make reservation, since the restaurant is not that big and it gets very busy.

Keep an eye on their wall of fame and old plates with famous people’s notes for the owners about their experience at La Bruschetta, It’s pretty cool, there are plates from 1983 on that wall.

1317 Saint Clair Avenue West
Toronto, ON M6E 1C2
(416) 656-8622

No more Heidi….

26 Jan

I;m going to finally write about one of the most untalented, stupid, fake people in the spotlight, Heidi Montag.

I can’t wrap my mind around how much work she has done on herself by the age of 23. I feel sad for her and for the Doctors who do these surgeries on her. Triple Ds on a little girl like her??? What sort of messed up back problems is she going to have in the long run? I think she’s insane. Having big water melons as breasts does not help you with your singing career, but maybe will help careers in porn business and becoming an exotic dancer!

I will not post anymore on Heidi or her creepy husband Spencer. I will not support them since they have no talent and do not contribute in a positive way to the entertainment world.

So goodbye!

Only in France you can pull things like this….

19 Jan

Just a quick post. Was watching Much More Music and  happen to catch this video. Wow!

Baby Baby Baby by Make the Girl Dance, apparently this is the US edited version with English subtitles. There are few interesting lines in the subtitles that made me blush and I’m not shy! hahaha

Sushi Love!!

19 Jan

I Love food and I enjoy sharing my food stories with my friends. So here’s my first tip, try Ginza’s Fire Kamakachi rolls. They are to die for! I took this picture today while I was having a late lunch with my friend. Doesn’t it look amazing??? I wish I ordered some to bring home with me! hahaha

Fire Kamakachi Rolls

Fire Kamakachi Rolls @ Ginza

Don’t count out the oldies!

19 Jan

Board games

I recently sat down and played a few rounds of Taboo and a round of Monopoly with a few friends and realized how exciting and engaging these old, forgotten games are. With every household filling up with PS3s and Xboxes and Wiis no one takes a moment to play with these amazing games that brought families and friends together for years and years. We busted out my friend’s Monopoly from 1983 and were amazed how after all this time we can still enjoy and get into some nasty trash talks over this game. We’re all in our late 20s and I never thought we would get so into it with trash talk and all.

So, try them out!!!!!