I’m Still Here….

25 Jul

This is why I haven’t been posting any entries for the past month, at least not proper ones. I’ve been sitting around for weeks doing absolutely nothing except soaking up the beautiful warm sun and cooling off in turquoise water and playing in soft sand.

I was away celebrating my best friend’s wedding in Nikiti, Greece. Now that I’m back, rested and ready for the real world again (righttt…) I promise I’ll be on top of my posts.

So stay tunes in!


Bruno Mars – Just The Way You Are

23 Jul

J. Mendel designs for Dr. Lisa Airan

1 Jul

I love this one of a kind J. Mendel dress designed for celebrity dermatologist Dr. Lisa Airan at this year’s The Met Costume Institute Gala.

It’s so beautiful, I just want to try it on once and see if I can handle that much puff!!! haha

This is what they said about the dress on Mendel’s Facebook page:

“Mr. Mendel’s best friend, Dr. Lisa Airan, wore a Couture Taupe Gazaar and Black Tulle Layered Gown with Structured Bodice and Diamante Sculpted Mesh Embroidered Shoulder. Initially moved by his collaboration with the New York City Ballet, Mendel created this one of-a-kind gown that was inspired by classic couture and given a twist for the modern, American woman.”

Adam lambert – If I Had You

27 Jun

I’m not a big Lambert fan but this song is catchy and every time I hear it on the radio I start singing along with it. The video is a bit strange but I think it goes with his whole image. Enjoy

Canadian Tire Money

26 Jun

You know what bugs me, Canadian Tire money. It’s the most useless thing I have ever seen. I have about $100 worth of them from years of hopping in for random stuff or getting car services and for the life of me i never remember to take them with me on my later visits to get rid of them.

I think Canadian Tire owes me that $100 in real money. I have the stupid things in my glove box, in my front closet at my house. It’s just disgusting how they are all over the place. I don’t even know anyone who uses them.

All I have to say is we need to complain and get them discontinued, it’s such a waste of paper to print those things. UGH!!!