I Moved to Another Blog!

20 Aug

So after less than a year and a domain registration I decided that I should move on and combine all my resources in one place and work on one thing to make it grow. So I’ve decided to move to my new home @

So follow me there!!!!



Chocolatemint Water By Metromint – Yay or Nay?

12 Aug

While doing my weekly grocery shopping I came across a new brand of flavored water at the McEwan   grocery store at the Don Mills shopping center. Metromint’s Chocolatemint water caught my attention   right away and I ended buying it for $1.99.

Being all excited that I can quench my thirst and have a bite of chocolate all for 0 calories was too good of a temptation for me to pass. I’m not big fan of chocolate minty stuff or anything minty, I find it that it messes with my taste buds and it bothers me. Knowing that I didn’t realize that the water would more minty than chocolate tasting, guess I didn’t pickup on the emphasis on the word mint both in all the other flavored waters from the same company or the name Metromint! haha

Regardless, I rushed home and first thing I did was to give my new find a try. Remember those after eight chocolates, now, imagine that taste in a cool watery form. Needless to say, I REALLY hated that drink! The over powering taste of mint and bring back all the bad memories of eating after eight chocolates all rushing back just made my experience with Metromint all too painful.

I got a few friends to try the water and they didn’t mind it at all, but you guys try it yourself and see how you like it.

Hand in Hand for Haiti – Help Us Build a School (via Life by SaJe)

10 Aug

Hand in Hand for Haiti - Help Us Build a School After the devastating earthquake in Haiti there was a desperate need for funds to not only help rescue the survivors but also help rebuild the country. Those needs are still there and Haiti needs global support to rebuild its long-term sustainable infrastructures, one of which is educational facilities. Hand in hand for Haiti is US based non-profit organization built to raise funds, find a building sites and construct earthquake and hurricane pro … Read More

via Life by SaJe

Medina – You and I

10 Aug

I know this song is old but I still like it. It’s a great song to take a nice long drive around the city on a sunny afternoon.

I (HEART) Greece!!

1 Aug

While I was gone on vacation in Nikiti (northern Greece) I realized that it’s been so long since I just relaxed while I was away. Sitting around and do nothing, just relax and all I have to think about was how long I want to sleep in, what I want to eat and which part of the beach I want to fall sleep on.

So here is a list of what I did while I was enjoying a more simple life in beautiful Halkidiki region of Greece.

1. Sleep in, wake up knowing I don’t need any makeup and all I have to wear is a bikini, SPF 30 and sunglasses! (yes, in my mind I look like Cindy when I’m in a bikini! hahaha)

2. Eat breakfast at “Day-by-Day Cafe”; bougatsa sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon and a bottle of chocolate milk or tea.

3. Pick a beach to go to, hardest decision of the day! Talgo, Mango, Kalogria….All great…

4. After falling sleep under the sun for a bit, I refresh myself with a cold frappe and water before I go for a swim.

5. Lunch time, juicy pork gyro and a bowl of Horiatiki (village) salad. So refreshing and oh so good!! Apparently the Greeks like their peppers, you don’t get hot peppers on Greek salads anywhere outside of Greece; at least I haven’t seen them.

6. Counting how many people are wearing speedos and kindly point them out to unsuspecting friends for s**** and giggles. Power nap time on the beach. God I love Europe, siesta time and simple living.

Made you look!!!! hahahah

7. Drive back to the hotel while watching the sun go down over the bay.

8. Get ready for dinner by 9, 10 or 11pm. hahaha, and that’s early! On the menu tonight tyrokafteri (hot pepper cheese dip), bread, Fried mussels, grilled squid stuffed with feta cheese with rice, salt cod-fish,  fried zucchini, tzatziki sauce and oh so many other foods. I sooooo miss the food, sigh…. I almost forgot the Greek wine, kinda strange tasting at first but not bad.

9. Drive to Marmaras and hangout at Molos lounge by the water till early morning hours… The Greeks haven’t heard of these lines “Last call” or “closing time”….SUPER!


10. Drive an hour to Kalithea to go to the “clubs” which are giant-sized roofless buildings; used for entertaining youth with loud music while they are dancing and being intoxicated with a variety of alcohol choices! lol Dance the night and the morning away…Last time check before dropping on my bed still in my clothes from the night before, 6.30am!

I’m sad to be back, but hey now I can start planning my next vacation and that’s exciting! Australia, HERE I COME!!!! 🙂